Integra Physical Therapy has advanced and specialized training in the musculoskeletal issues present during Prenatal and postnatal periods. We understand the amazing changes that occur in a woman's body throughout the pregnancy and following delivery. A woman is not only learning to adjust to motherhood, but her physiology is constantly adapting to the changes - potentially leading to pain and dysfunction.

The goal of physical therapy during the prenatal and postpartum periods is to address muscle and joint dysfunction, instruct in exercises to address muscle weakness and imbalance and prepare you for birth. Guidance and instruction is also provided related to appropriate supports and safe return to exercise.


During Pregnancy

  • Education on pregnancy Do’s & Don’ts, hormonal influences and musculoskeletal changes

  • Manual Therapy: massage, myofascial & trigger point release, connective tissue manipulation

  • Core strengthening to prevent pelvic girdle pain and diastasis recti

  • Exercise in Pregnancy and proper body mechanics

  • Use of abdominal/pelvic supports.

  • Preparation for birth including

    • Perineal massage and preparation to prevent tearing during vaginal delivery

    • Birthing positions to avoid tension in the pelvic floor during delivery

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  • Assessment and treatment of

    • Diastasis recti 

    • Pelvic girdle dysfunction / Instability

    • Postpartum pain

    • Breast health / Breastfeeding

    • Scar tissue massage of incision or tear sites.

    • Episiotomies

    • Pelvic floor dysfunctions (incontinence, pelvic pain, bowel dysfunction)

    • Core muscle activity and proper muscle activation and sequencing.

  • Use of postpartum abdominal/pelvic supports.

  • Postpartum fitness and return to intercourse